UPDATE: Pence Says He's "Fully Committed" to Trump

Speculation ran wild last night after CNN reported that Mike Pence was considering dropping off the Trump/Pence ticket. This came after Pence strongly criticized Trump’s taped statements on sexually assaulting women and a cancellation of events he was set to attend.

However, Pence himself has shot those speculations down after he told fundraisers he was sticking around. Via The Wall Street Journal:

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence told Republican donors Saturday night that he is fully committed to Donald Trump, aides said.

Speculation that Mr. Pence might leave the ticket, following in the footsteps of otherRepublicans who abandoned Mr. Trump on Saturday after the release of a videotape of the nominee making lewd comments of women, is “categorically false,” one aide said.

Pence’s calendar is now also full again, and his team seems to be dead set on seeing this through. For now, the Trump/Pence ticket rolls on.

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