Forget the Campaign. Donald Trump Needs to Hold a Meeting Over the Status of His BRAND.

Based on just how abuzz the media and the Internet are regarding the Trump “Grab ‘Em By The *****” clip, and how politicians and donors alike are now calling for Trump to abandon his campaign, I’d say the election is pretty much over. Hell, Trump was already pulling ad buys in key swing states. The chances of recovering from this are so slim that Kate Moss looks morbidly obese by comparison.


But, forget all of that. Mr. Trump, if you are reading this, if you even glance this way, please take this advice: Kick all of your campaign staff out of Trump Tower for a few hours. They are not needed. Instead, call together your children and your business team. Find a way to salvage your brand.

I’m not joking. I’m not being mean to the guy. If he is a businessman with any sense about him, or at least enough sense to hire people with sense about them, then he knows the bigger issue here is that he is about to fail on the biggest venture of his life, and everything the political world can and will throw at him will now be in an attempt to get rid of him for good.

You do not stand in the way of the Clinton Machine. Only one person have ever done so and lived to tell the tale, and that’s only because he became the damned president in the proccess. You will not enjoy what comes next.


Donald. Mr. Trump. save your brand. Call a truce, bow out of the race, and never get involved with politics again. Focus on good public relations and rebuild your name so you can hand it off to your kids. Leave them with something other than an embarrassing run for president.

For the love of God.


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