If the Media Wants to Defeat Trump, Here's How They Can Do It

If the Media Wants to Defeat Trump, Here's How They Can Do It
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles while speaking at a rally at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The mainstream media has always been dead set against the Republican candidate in any race. The media leans Left. It’s not some made-up boogeyman, it’s an admitted fact by some of their own. We went into this race knowing full-well that they were dedicated to trying to save Hillary Clinton’s image and get her elected president.

However, with the nomination of Donald Trump, the media’s efforts have intensified. They have declared open war against Trump, and they are working overtime trying to catch him on anything and everything they can. Lately, they have worked to make the Birther issue a thing, only to get trolled in the most epic of fashions. The result of the trolling is that they started pursuing Trump even harder (if possible).

The problem is that the media is playing right into the strategy of the Trump campaign (if it isn’t Trump’s strategy, then he’s doing a good job of winning by sheer luck). The public does not trust the media. They despise the media. If the media hates Trump, then they naturally start drifting toward him. That’s how he solidifies his base at a time when the base is divided. That is how independents start drifting toward him.

The Birther issue is the best example:

  1. They say “You started it.”
  2. He says “Sid Blumenthal did.”
  3. They say “That’s BS. You did it, you dirty, filthy racist.”
  4. The issue continues to be a thing.

Why are they pushing back so hard against the idea? Why won’t they give it some consideration? Because it’s a Republican who is pushing it, and, specifically, it’s Trump who is pushing it. They have to push back against it. It is an instinct, a compulsion, that drives them forward.

Imagine for a moment that the media had done this:

  1. They say “You started it.”
  2. He says “Sid Blumenthal did.”
  3. They say “You may be right.”
  4. The issue stops being a thing.

All of a sudden, Trump is out of things to say. He thrives on media conflict. If the media stops fighting him, they take away a big part of his campaign – the idea that it’s one man against the Democrats and the media. He is suddenly left with no conflict. Hillary has largely left him unengaged, and when he doesn’t have a fight on his hands, he flounders.

But, here’s the key thing: The media won’t take this rather simple advice. You see, as much as it’s a compulsion to try and prove Trump wrong at every turn, it’s even more of a compulsion to cover him at all. It’s good for ratings. And, if Trump isn’t out there being outrageous and fighting the media, then there isn’t much of a story. They can’t have that.

So, even if I supported Trump (to reiterate, I am not voting for him), I wouldn’t be terribly worried about them seeing this post and thinking “This guy might be on to something!” because, at the end of the day, they are going to act the way they’ve always acted.

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