The Clinton Campaign's Self Awareness Is Astounding

One of the great things about Hillary Clinton is that, even with Donald Trump as objectively terrible, clueless, and unfit for office as he is, Clinton and her campaign seem bound and determined to outdo him. It’s almost like they’re daring us to elect Trump over her.


Take this tweet from the Clinton campaign. Just drink all of it in for about two glorious minutes.


The tweet itself is just awesome. It takes mammoth balls to take MILLIONS from other countries, invite them into your office because of those donations, and make policy based on their contributions and then turn around and say “this guy’s international ties are questionable and dangerous!!!” That is almost applause-worthy.

Then, you break down some of the claims and it’s even better than you first thought.

1. Trump’s business dealings could jeopardize relationships with our allies in the fight against ISIS.

Let us remember that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, in charge of international policy for the United States, when ISIS began to really began their rise. Every policy for the Middle East and the Muslim world was based on her and Barack Obama and their ideas. ISIS wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for her incompetence. Not to mention that she took money from countries where ISIS rose.


2. Trump has worked with Muammar el-Qaddafi, a known terrorist and dictator.

Glad Obama and Hillary helped get rid of that guy!

3. Trump’s proposed Muslim ban is costing him business in the Middle East – and he’s lashed out against them on Twitter.

So… he’s working against his own business interests? And you’re now claiming that’s a bad thing?

4. Someone is conducting business with someone connected to laundering money with the Iranian military.

The U.S. government?

5. Trump has close ties with Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

That is perhaps the only valid point here that can’t be thrown back in Clinton’s face… but she totally lost the 2008 primaries to, and subsequently worked for, a man who told the Russian prime minister he’d have more flexibility for them in his second term.

So… excellent work, Clinton team!



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