WaPo: America is Way too Focused on Hillary's Emails

WaPo: America is Way too Focused on Hillary's Emails
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton smiles as she walks off-stage after speaking at the Atlantic Council Women’s Leadership in Latin America Initiative in Washington, Monday, Nov. 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

The Washington Post’s editorial board has published a piece that tries to convince us as Americans that we are way too focused on Hillary’s email server and that all the outrage is blown entirely out of proportion.  In this piece, there is a string of arguments that is supposed to lead us to the conclusion that we shouldn’t be focusing on this and instead focusing on literally anything else. “Hell, there’s a squirrel over there,” they say. “Look at that squirrel. Way bigger issue, probably.”

In fact, Ms. Clinton’s emails have endured much more scrutiny than an ordinary person’s would have

Okay, now wait. Are you trying to convince us that Hillary Clinton is just an ordinary person? That her emails falling into the hands of foreign powers would not have had any information in them that the ordinary American didn’t have access to?

and the criminal case against her was so thin that charging her would have been to treat her very differently.

This is flat out not true. We’ve detailed over and over again just how flagrant a violation of the law this is that not charging her is in fact treating her differently.

Ironically, even as the email issue consumed so much precious airtime, several pieces of news reported Wednesday should have taken some steam out of the story. First is a memo FBI Director James B. Comey sent to his staff explaining that the decision not to recommend charging Ms. Clinton was “not a cliff-hanger” and that people “chest-beating” and second-guessing the FBI do not know what they are talking about. Anyone who claims that Ms. Clinton should be in prison accuses, without evidence, the FBI of corruption or flagrant incompetence.

I think that is absolutely a fair assessment, Mr. Comey.

Second is the emergence of an email exchange between Ms. Clinton and former secretary of state Colin Powell in which he explained that he used a private computer and bypassed State Department servers while he ran the agency, even when communicating with foreign leaders and top officials. Mr. Powell attempted last month to distance himself from Ms. Clinton’s practices, which is one of the many factors that made the email story look worse. Now, it seems, Mr. Powell engaged in similar behavior.

So, now you’re telling me that if Colin Powell did something, that makes it okay? Since when did the Left/MSM believe anything Colin Power did was okay? There is also no evidence whatsoever that Powell sent or received anything with classified markings, and if there were evidence of that 1) you would call for his head on a platter and 2) I probably would, too.

Imagine how history would judge today’s Americans if, looking back at this election, the record showed that voters empowered a dangerous man because of . . . a minor email scandal. There is no equivalence between Ms. Clinton’s wrongs and Mr. Trump’s manifest unfitness for office.

For starters, there isn’t anything “minor” about this. This is a pretty big deal. Your refusal to do journalism and cover the disastrous effects of this behavior doesn’t mean this is any less significant. The reason the email scandal is such an important part of this election is that the job of president requires way more trust from the American people that you won’t throw away basic national security and interest in an effort to keep all your yoga emails private.

Secondly, just like we’ve been telling Trump supporters, you just because the other candidate is an abysmal trainwreck of a candidate doesn’t mean we should vote for your candidate. Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted any more than Donald Trump can. This editorial is an exercise in excusing bad behavior. Nothing more.

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