WHAT A SURPRISE: Man Wanted for Taking Pictures of a Woman in a Target Changing Room

File this away under “We Told You So.”

Police in Dallas are looking for a man who took pictures of a woman trying on clothes in a Target.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. last Thursday at the store near Abrams Road and Northwest Highway.

The woman told police she was undressing in the changing room when she noticed a cellphone camera pointed at her.


The only surprise here is that, this being in Texas, the woman wasn’t carrying and therefore didn’t deal her own brand of social justice.

Detractors will be quick to point out that this was a changing room and not a bathroom, and that we’re just being too judgmental of the entire trans community because of one story. If you find yourself or a friend making this argument, let me ask you this: If it happens in a changing room, what on earth makes you think this won’t happen in a bathroom?

Let’s understand three things:

  1. This can and will happen in Target bathrooms.
  2. When it does, children will be targeted too.
  3. We’re going to be accused of being in the wrong when these stories pop up.

It’s not transphobia to want to protect women and children from having their privacy invaded by perverts like this guy. It’s not a hate crime to see the potential for abuse and wanting to close it. It is actually basic human decency to want people to have a sense of privacy.


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