New Poll Shows I'm Actually Not Helping Hillary Clinton Win

Louisiana was never expected to in contest for this presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped the supporters of Donald Trump from accusing me of helping Hillary Clinton win by not supporting him. However, new data is out showing that I have virtually no impact on Clinton’s chances, via a poll from the Washington Post and Survey Monkey.


A new poll is out from The Washington Post and Survey Monkey that shows Donald Trump crushing Hillary Clinton 49%-33% in a 4-way race. Libertarian Gary Johnson gets 9% while Green Jill Stein gets 3%. Independent #NeverTrump candidate Evan McMullin, who is on the ballot in Louisiana, was not included in the poll.

In a 2-way race, Trump gets 53% while Hillary gets 38%. Either way, Donald Trump is well on his way to collecting all 8 of Louisiana’s electoral votes.


A 4-way race appears to benefit Trump in Louisiana. Hillary gains more support than Trump does once it is narrowed down a 2-way race. That has been consistent all over the country. Polls have continually shown that Gary Johnson draws support from voters who would support Hillary Clinton in a 2-way race and Louisiana appears to be no different.
So, there you have it. In Louisiana, at least, my not voting for Trump is not going to make a bit of difference in the results of this election. Louisiana is clearly decided. Granted, Louisiana also voted for a Democratic governor who threatened the end of LSU football if he didn’t get a tax raise, and then LSU came out and underperformed against Wisconsin in a truly epic fashion. So, maybe Louisiana’s opinions shouldn’t be gauged for a while.


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