Did Sean Hannity Tell Alex Jones He's Doing a Great Job?

On his radio show yesterday, Alex Jones was talking about how Fox News is apparently now in the tank for Hillary Clinton, when he mentions Sean Hannity. Below is the transcript as per this Media Matters post, but I have to apologize to you first for putting up a post on the Front Page of RedState.com that combines the elements of Hannity, Jones, and Media Matters. Once you have steeled yourself for the remainder of this post, continue on:

ALEX JONES (HOST): And I tell you, they got the new Fox News director for Ailes, he was on this morning going “oh it’s true, Hillary’s going to win by 12 points,” he’s this real Nellie guy, “and don’t listen to others these unhealthy polls.” They are really —

JOE BIGGS: A psy-op.

JONES: They had to take Fox down though so that they couldn’t challenge it.

BIGGS: Well yeah if you start watching Fox now you start seeing they’re starting to lean more towards Clinton, every time you hear these guys except for Sean Hannity, like it’s —

JONES: By the way, Hannity, well I’m not going to get Hannity in trouble, but he did reach out to us, he said “great job, we appreciate you, I’m trying my best.” They’re threatening to fire him right now, so he reached out to us and said he appreciates us. I just, this country is in deep crap brother, they are couping Fox News.

Now, given that this something Alex Jones said and it was posted on Media Matters, I have no idea about how based in reality any of it is. However, what I can say is that 2016 has been such an extraordinary train wreck that I can’t imagine it being impossible, which is an admission that makes me want to consider alternate realities.

Hannity has been a man of meltdowns and irrational behavior of late, but that doesn’t mean he believes that 9/11 was an inside job or that the Boston Marathon bombing was a government false flag operation. Reaching out to Jones to say “You’re doing a great job” and “We appreciate you” isn’t a career killer. But, given that Hannity is such a high profile guy in the world of right-leaning news and talk, you would think he’d be more cautious about his public image.

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