Ted Cruz's Speech and the Birth of #EverTrump

The Internet is still continuing to blow up about Ted Cruz’s speech last night, and it is incredibly shocking to see the number of people who are so offended at the idea of having a conscience and supporting the Constitution, which were the cornerstones of his remarks. Folks like Jim Hoft, Sarah Palin, and many other surrogates whose conservative bonafides pale in comparison to their demand for the spotlight have declared Ted Cruz’s career in politics over.

Likewise, they are proclaiming the death of #NeverTrump, which must be made up entirely of cats because they’ve died at least seven or eight times by now. Rather than #NeverTrump dying, I believe we can call this a birth of a new movement. This is the birth of #EverTrump.

One can, of course, argue that these people were mindlessly devoted long before now, but last night was significant. They booed the Constitution. They booed God. They booed their own consciences. It was the equivalent of Pinocchio flicking Jiminy Cricket off their shoulders, stomping on him, and then lighting the squashed bug’s corpse on fire. They have completely and totally washed their hands of any of the core pillars of conservatism, and have instead chosen to worship a false god named Donald J. Trump, who only espouses xenophobic rhetoric and “speaks his mind” (which is code for “he’s an abrasive ass” I guess?). There’s not a single conservative idea that Donald Trump has held on to for any meaningful amount of time.

And yet, here are these people who claim that those who were happy with Cruz’s speech are traitors to conservatism. They don’t support the Party’s candidate. It’s somewhat ironic given that the Party Establishment has done more to force this candidate on us than they did for Romney and McCain combined. Even the quashing of Ron Paul supporters was nothing like what they did to certain state delegations’ votes.

To argue that a party that has so long rejected conservative politicians is now on the side of conservative voters is insane. No rational person would ever think this was the case. But, #EverTrump is not a rational movement. It is a movement that is built entirely on the idea their candidate is not Hillary Clinton (despite the fact that he donated to her several times), that Mexicans and Muslims are a stain on American society, and that he’s not the worst we can do as a country.

And the leaders of #EverTrump? They seek nothing more than a spotlight to remain relevant. How many more campaign cycles would people have cared about Sarah Palin or Chris Christie? What about Ben Carson?  Ted Cruz was under no obligation to endorse Donald Trump, a man who attacked his wife and father. He had no reason to support a man whose every position prior to the day before he announced was antithetical to conservatism as a whole.

#EverTrump is beside themselves over the fact that their conservative bonafides were directly challenged, and they are furious that there wasn’t a greater uproar over Cruz’s speech. They know Cruz, and actual conservatism, will live on after Trump’s star falls. And their spotlight will go away… or worse, it will illuminate just how fraudulent they are.