GOP Saying "No" To Gun Grabbing Ideas Pitched By Their Own Nominee

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that the GOP is going to hold its ground on guns, but some of the folks who have been boosters of Trump – say, for example, Jeff Session – are urging their peers in Congress not to take cues from Trump on the issue. That’s actually what he told the Washington Post.

“There’s nothing wrong with him trying to energize the discussion on it and work out something that would be healthy and that we can all agree on. I think that’s positive,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), one of Trump’s earliest supporters on Capitol Hill.

But Sessions said that gun control is “not the greatest issue in the world” and that congressional Republicans shouldn’t take cues from Trump on the subject.

“We’re a co-equal branch of government,” he said.

Sessions sounds a lot like Paul Ryan, who also took a shot at Trump over the separation of powers, but, according to the Post, he isn’t the only backer that is splitting with Trump on the issue.

Additionally, several delegates to the Republican convention in Cleveland next month warned that they would take steps to bolster the party platform’s language on Second Amendment rights if legislation passed the Senate. Some delegates said this week that they might withhold support for Trump at the convention if he continued to call for new laws.

Wendy Day, a GOP convention delegate from Michigan, said that many of her party colleagues were startled to see Trump “turn left when it came to the Second Amendment. I think that surprised and angered a lot of people.”

It’s very difficult to feel sorry for anyone who is actually “startled” to see Trump talk about gun grabbing when, as we’ve noted countless times here, he has been all for gun-grabbing in the past. It’s actually pretty stunning that we would have so many people in the GOP set to support a guy with known tyrannical ideas suddenly find out he has those tyrannical ideas.

Perhaps it’s not just voters we should call “low information.” Either way, maybe someone’s going to do something about it.

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