40 Percent of Sanders Voters Say They'll Support Trump Over Hillary

Bernie Sanders had a terrific night, winning primaries and generally making it look like he has a chance to win. Really, we know it’s in the cards for him to lose, but Hillary Clinton deserves as much embarrassment as humanly possible, so I find myself rooting for Sanders here.


The weird news is what some exit polling data is suggesting… and by weird, I mean awesome.

In November, Donald Trump would be the choice of 44 percent of West Virginia Democratic primary voters who supported Bernie Sanders Tuesday, CBS News early exit polling found.

But support for Trump in the general election is largely driven by independents who were allowed to vote in West Virginia’s Democratic primary. More than half would back Trump against either Hillary Clinton or Sanders.

Thirty-six percent of the Democratic primary voters are independents, compared to just 18 percent in 2008.

Now, when I say “awesome,” I don’t mean for Republicans. Because we nominated Trump, and that’s absolutely terrible. However, if you think the Republican Party is messed up, there is a segment of the Democratic base that would prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Don’t try to understand this data – it makes no sense and you’re likely to rupture something.

Still, we can take small bits of comfort like this and rest just a little bit easier, knowing that the rest of the political spectrum is just as screwed up as we apparently are.

This whole sideshow may be meaningless, but damn is it funny sometimes.



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