Sean Hannity Just Doesn't See Trump Staffer's Alleged Assault

By now, it’s fairly well-known that Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s top guy in the campaign, has been accused of assaulting Michelle Fields, a Breitbart journalist, at a campaign event in Florida. The Trump campaign’s responses to this accusation have been as varied as they are contradictory, and we’ve covered them all here in the past.


On Monday night, Donald Trump was getting his 1000th hour of free press from Fox News, speaking with host Sean Hannity, who has all but beclowned himself in his rabid defense and outright support of Donald Trump (despite claiming he still hasn’t picked a candidate).

Fields took to Twitter to express her disappointment in Hannity for not challenging Trump on what he was saying.

To which Hannity ended up responding with:

Behold a Sean Hannity who is 1) not addressing Fields’ point (the lies and inconsistencies) and 2) again defending someone who’s campaign has stood by a person who grabbed a reporter by the arm and jerked her away from a candidate. The video is out there for people to see, and it’s clear to pretty much everyone who has seen it that, yes, a grabbing and yanking did occur.

However, even if that were not the case, the Trump campaign has been so wildly inconsistent about the issue – and issue that will most definitely be used against him in the general election (should he get there) – that it begs for a question of at least clarification. But, we aren’t getting that from Hannity, or any of the other media cheerleaders of Trump.


This saddest part about this clown show is that it won’t mean a thing when this election is over. Trump wins the primary, but loses the general, Hannity gets to play the part of the Republican opposition to another Democratic regime. Trump wins the primary and the general, Hannity gets to play the guy who supported Trump but will likely turn on him once Trump’s true liberal tendencies show. Trump loses the primary, then Hannity gets to play the anti-establishment rogue OR Ted Crux bandwagoner, depending on how the convention goes.

Hannity won’t suffer for his love affair with Trump, and that’s a damn shame.


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