Who Said It: Donald Trump or a Donald Trump Supporter?

Over the course of this campaign, one thing has become abundantly clear: Donald Trump is not just a threat to conservatism and America, he is a threat to the very concept of language. Crimes against the English language, grammar, and any sense of decency in written and spoken word go out the window where Donald J. Trump is concerned.


Donald Trump is a very contagious disease. This alleged “Trump Train” supporters demand we jump on appears to be carrying some sort of weird, mind-destroying plague. Look at any of the quotes below. Can you tell the difference between what Donald Trump has said and what his supporters have said?

1. “We have to have a wall. We have to have a border. And in that wall we’re going to have a big fat door where people can come into the country, but they have to come in legally.”

2. “Megyn Kelly should lose her job. I don’t care who she talks about. It just isn’t right having a Thug name calling hater on the News!”

3. “I don’t watch the Fox channels any more, I just can’t stand Megan Kelly, she thinks she is all that ,Trump presidency will be the very Best Thing that ever happened In American History”

4.  “We need to secure our borders ASAP. No games, we must be smart, tough and vigilant. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN!”

5. “A detainee released from Gitmo has killed an American. When will our so-called ‘leaders’ ever learn!”

6. “Could anyone maybe tell the media, including Megyn, to STOP THE STUPID ATTACKS – no one NEEDS THEIR OPINIONS!!! It certainly says more about an individual’s character to be able to yet be standing in the light considering the barrage of attacks! It’s really getting frustratingly old that policy is getting no time of expression because the media is so hell bent on destroying any possible credibility of ANY PARTICULAR CANDIDATE! It’s as though character assassination is the dish of the day! They did it to Sarah Palin but she hadn’t the fortitude of Donald Trump! If Donald Trump manages to stand tall through this all out siege, then what in the world would make anyone think he couldn’t or shouldn’t be up to the job of President??! Gees – media, get over yourselves!!!!”


7. “He was born in Canada, he was a citizen of Canada, of Canada, until just recently — he was a citizen of Canada, okay, he was a joint-citizen of the United States and Canada, but he was a citizen of Canada — when you’re a citizen of Canada and you’re born in Canada, there’s a real question.”

8. “The United States cannot continue to make such bad, one-sided trade deals. There are only so many jobs we can give up. No more!”

9. “Cruz will recognize a problem and his only solution to solving it would be what the lobbyists and big money want. This puts Cruz into the unfavorable position of telling the American people only what they want to hear while actually doing something else. Just look at how ineffective our congress has been, this is what we will get with Cruz.”

10. “Nobody will protect our Nation like Donald J. Trump. Our military will be greatly strengthened and our borders will be strong. Illegals out!”

All of these quotes came from things Donald Trump actually said, tweeted, or things people have posted as comments over on RedState’s Facebook page. Read through the quotes again and see if you can pick out which ones were uttered by Trump and which ones were made by his supporters. Once you have, look below for the answers. No cheating! Post your scores in the comments below.



1. Donald Trump 2. Trump Supporter 3. Trump Supporter 4. Donald Trump 5. Donald Trump 6. Trump  Supporter. 7. Donald Trump 8. Donald Trump 9. Donald Trump 10. Donald Trump


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