Voter Turnout: Arizona and Utah Are Melting Down Right Now

Tonight’s looking like it will be an exciting one. If multiple reports coming in are true, we’re looking at record high turnout in Arizona, the state of Utah running out of ballots, and a lot of excitement even for the Democratic caucus in Idaho, we’re looking at a long night ahead of us.


This was the scene hours ago.

As of the official closing time, lines were still lined up around the corner across the state.

In Utah, lines were reported as being several blocks long, and could only be described as a “frenzy” of Republican voters heading out to caucus. Over in Idaho, the closing time for the caucuses was delayed in order to accommodate for the still long lines of people waiting to get in. To the Democratic caucuses.

It is looking as though it will be an exciting night, as we watch the field continue to grow more competitive on both the Republican and the Democratic side. From what we’re seeing in various reports through the media and social media, it appears as though all sides are practically melting down as all these voters come in. And, we’ll be covering it all here at RedState, so don’t go anywhere.


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