Ted Cruz Defies Expectations, Takes Second Place Over Kasich In Michigan

The ride is not over yet. Trump is in the lead in Michigan (he will definitely win it), and with just over 80% in, Cruz is in second place. Despite the fact that he wasn’t polling over 20% in Michigan at all, according to RealClearPolitics, Ted Cruz has made a big play in the state and fought his way into second place, beating out Ohio governor John Kasich. The scenario hasn’t yet fully played out, but if the trend continues, then it becomes abundantly clear that Ted Cruz does have momentum after Saturday.


The other thing it means is that Trump is losing a bit of steam, if not much. The two most recent polls had Trump by 18%. He will only end up about 12% over Cruz when all the votes are in. Trump’s victory speech tonight was a bit too positive. Michigan was supposed to be a battle between Trump and Kasich for first place. Not Cruz and Kasich battling for second place.


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