The Ted Cruz Blame Game

Yesterday, as CNN ran their entirely baseless “Rubio Dropping Out” stories, there was a lot of anger at the media for pushing this narrative without even asking the campaign, and that anger was absolutely righteous. The media didn’t do its job – verify your facts. It’s not as though Rubio’s team has blacklisted CNN from talking to them, after all. It only takes a call or an e-mail to confirm a story like this.


However, later into the day and overnight, the blame shifted away from the media and toward Ted Cruz. And, no, I’m not accidentally reading stories from South Carolina’s primary. I’m looking at Twitter, Facebook, and other areas in social media that have people pushing this claim.

Look, I know it’s been a frustrating campaign, and I know people are at each other’s throats on this… but, come on. We’re going to use the strategies from the Ben Carson campaign? Blame Ted Cruz for the rumors your guy is dropping out? Whether or not that did happen, how does placing that blame help? How does that do anything except make you look whiny? “He’s telling lies about my candidate!” is childish and does nothing to advance your guy’s cause.


There is no evidence to this claim, and even if there was, so what? Instead of crying about it, support your guy harder. Push harder. Fight harder. Work to get your guy the victories he’s lacking. Donate to him. Volunteer for him. Don’t sit here and cry about something someone else said.

You know who else does that? Donald Trump.


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