Where The Hell Is Elizabeth Warren?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. leaves the stage after her speech at the Center for American Progress’s Second Annual Policy Conference in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Many younger progressives are actively wondering where Elizabeth Warren is in all this Democratic primary chaos. Hillary Clinton seems poised to win the nomination over the objections of the party’s youth and disaffected. The Bernie Sanders movement has been one that took everyone by surprise, but it has yet to result in significant success for the Vermont Senator.


Warren was widely considered to be someone who would challenge Clinton initially, given that she has been highly critical of the Obama administration’s ties to Wall Street, and one would assume that those criticisms would be made against Clinton, who has many, many, many more lucrative ties to them.

But, she’s been silent. Many have picked up on it, including Mediaite. They put up a lot of the comments appearing on Warren’s Facebook page and collected by Raw Story.

Your unwillingness to endorse Bernie prior to Super Tuesday indicates to me that your fear of pressure from Hillary friends on Capitol Hill “trumps” your commitment to the progressive cause. I have lost faith in you and the DNC.

Elizabeth – is there ANY reason on God’s green earth that you’re sitting quiet in the corner while Bernie is awaiting your endorsement? Am I missing something here???

Is she really part of the establishment? How can she, as a representative of the people, as a self proclaimed progressive, not publicly endorse Bernie Sanders? Do you think she owes Clinton some political favors? hmmmm.

With every day that passes without your endorsement of Sanders, Wall Street rejoices, and the corporate owned Hillary Clinton is validated. Shame on you.


So, where is Elizabeth Warren in all this? Who does she support? Why is she silent? You’d think that someone who had gained such notoriety for being progressive to the point of criticizing the Obama administration constantly. Now… she’s silent. I wonder how much that silence costs.


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