Forget Obama Jesus, This Insane Future Velvet Painting Is EVERYTHING

At the request of the Powers That Be, I have to actually include something besides just an image here. HOWEVER, I do so under protest.


Why would I need anything other than this picture? Why would I want anything other than this picture in this post? This picture is perfect. This picture is how you can tell there is a cult surrounding the campaign of Donald Trump. You cannot forsake The Exalted One. You cannot take His name in vain. You cannot criticize him and oh my god Trump is the Prophet Mohammed.


I don’t know if this picture is serious or not. And, you know what? I don’t care, because this is what Donald Trump supporters actually believe, and it’s perfect. For the sake of comparison, let’s toss in this painting of Obama ejaculating roses that was totally done a joke.

obama roses

This is hilarious, and not just because Obama’s sexual release is composed of flowers (Michelle, I have questions). However, it is not A LEADER WHO WILL PROTECT US. Why? Because it does not contain Obama playing the part of Moses by parting the sea. There are no fighter jets (because we all know that Obama much prefers drone strikes), and there are no adoring masses.

The painting of Donald Trump has all this, because it is the greatest painting of this election cycle. You cannot disagree with this objective assessment.

(h/t: @Beer__Wolf)


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