Why Is Donald Trump Afraid of Megyn Kelly?

Why Is Donald Trump Afraid of Megyn Kelly?
donald-trump-caricature-flickr-cc.jpg January 6, 2016

Why is it that Megyn Kelly asks one question – a question Hillary Clinton could absolutely murder Trump’s candidacy on – and Donald Trump throws a tantrum so great he’ll skip a debate in Iowa on the week of the Iowa caucus simply over her presence on a debate stage? What is Donald Trump afraid of? Why does Trump want to pull this sort of PR stunt so close to the caucus over a single moderator?

NBC hosted a debate that was a thousand times worse than the one Fox News hosted, and yet Trump never threatened to boycott an NBC debate (luckily for all of us, the RNC decided to never go with NBC again). Trump has only ever felt threatened by Megyn Kelly. Why?

Donald Trump is afraid of bad press.

The Donald doesn’t believe that he himself is capable of giving himself bad press. He has never apologized for anything he has ever said (including the insinuations about Kelly the last time they shared a stage). But he believes that someone else could try to hurt him publicly, especially someone who is as popular as the Fox host. Being a businessman, he has taken a calculated risk and determined that not appearing will do less damage than her asking him tough questions.

Trump doesn’t want to deal with those tough questions. It’s not Kelly, but what she represents: someone who won’t bow down to him simply because he is The Donald. She is someone who won’t want favors from him. Leon Wolf mentioned this morning that it was an important step for news everywhere that Fox News not let Trump dictate coverage. That others have is not only a huge fault in the media, it is a huge fault in the candidate himself. He is unable to withstand pressure from any source that could affect his popularity.

He craves the attention, but only the attention he brings himself. The attention others bring to his faults results in him lashing out like a petulant manchild, albeit one with less sophistication than the manchild currently residing in the White House.

Is this the kind of leadership we want or even need more of in this country? Or should we find someone who can take pressure from the media and let it shape their character into something better?

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