Textbook Publisher Rep Fired After Admitting on Camera that Common Core is All About the Money (VIDEO)

Project Veritas has a new video out, this time with undercover journalists asking educators and education company executives about whether or not Common Core State Standards and the curricula built around them are really for the kids. The answer from just about everyone is “No,” with one person admitting she actually hates kids and is only in it for the money.


The woman who said “I hate kids” and “I’m in it to sell books; don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat” is Diane Barrow, who was fired. According to The Blaze, she worked for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a major book publisher.

The company’s CEO, Linda Zecher, told the Daily Mail that she and her company are “as appalled by these comments as we expect readers will be.”

“These statements in no way reflect the views of HMH and the commitment of our over 4,000 employees who dedicate their lives to serving teachers and students every day,” Zecher said. “The individual who made these comments is a former employee who was with HMH for less than a year.”

Common Core, like many education initiatives, is all about the money. Companies develop a new curriculum that is guaranteed to be the cure-all for a district’s low scores, only for a newer and shinier curriculum to pop up a few years later, after the current one turns out to have some “flaws” in it.


Meanwhile, the government will take an initiative (like Common Core) and tie all sorts of federal money to it, and then say getting that money is contingent on your implementing the intiative. It’s how the Department of Education gets around the law that forbids them from making national curriculum, and what made outgoing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan so contemptible.

If you want to fix education, start in the classroom. You’re not going to fix it in a boardroom or a federal building.




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