Pirates, the GOP, and Donald Trump

The third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, At World’s End, has two scenes that really make the rest of the nonsense we had to put up with to get to that point worth it. The first is the wedding scene in the middle of a naval battle inside of a maelstrom. The second, and more relevant, is the scene of the Pirate Council.


In this scene, the Brethren Court debates on what to do with the British Navy that is ready to utterly destroy them. They decide, with great reluctance, to hold a vote for the Pirate King. It never failed that each Pirate Lord would vote for himself (or herself!), thus creating a seven-way tie for the title, and no one ultimately becoming the monarch of the Brethren Court. As expected, this vote was going the same way until Jack Sparrow cast his vote for Elizabeth Swann, given her the second vote needed to become the Pirate King… erm, Queen.

And, wouldn’t you know it? It led to great success. The pirates were able to defeat the British Navy and defeat Davy Jones, saving their way of life for another generation.

It took leadership – the leadership of Jack Sparrow to give away his vote and the leadership of Elizabeth Swann to rally the pirates – to make it all happen. It takes leadership to bring everyone together, force them to set aside their egos, and work for the good of the group rather than the good of the self.

Where is that leadership within the Republican Party?

Reince Priebus is the leader of the GOP, and his tenure has been marked with a total failure to bring the Party together to stand firmly against the Democrats, to work together, and make the process of picking who will represent us in the most important race of this cycle run as smoothly as possible. I don’t believe Priebus deserves all the blame for it, but I do believe a lack of leadership on his part has led to the total distrust of the Republican Party and the people who are supposed to uphold what it means to be a Republican.


There has been a not-so-silent civil war within the GOP for years now. Washington Republicans giving the cold shoulder to the voting base and focusing on amassing their own power and doing what they thought was right, and not what their voters thought was right. Grassroots activists have been fighting back and electing fighters, bombasts, and conservative standard bearers to try to take the nation’s capital back not just from the Democrats, but from the Republican elites.

We now have a presidential nomination race that has an impressive but incredibly bloated cast, and no one from the GOP leadership seems to want to bring them to the table and get the negotiations started. This is especially mind-boggling when you take into account the mere presence of Donald Trump, who worries both the elites and many true conservative activists. If Trump were such a threat, then it would only make sense to begin to work on consolidating the vote by getting candidates to bow out.

But, it’s not happening, and it’s not all on Priebus to do this. Many of these candidates cannot give up their own ego long enough to make the decision to bow out and endorse another candidate. Among them, there is no Jack Sparrow who is willing to give up his own vote to ensure a victory (yes, Sparrow did it for himself, but that’s not a bad thing). Priebus should be calling these candidates to the table. The candidates should be ready to negotiate their exits and endorsements.


If you are so worried about Donald Trump, then do something other than “real talk” about how terrible he is. Don’t attack each other, but throw your support and your money to another candidate who can really work on knocking him out.

But, show leadership. Isn’t that what this race is about, anyway?


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