The Cult of Death that Hates America

There is a cult of death that hates America. It worships what it sees is the right of man to give and take life when it becomes a threat to its way of life. This cult has been aiming to see the end of America as we know it for a long time, but lately it’s become much worse.


This cult is not ISIS. It isn’t violent, extremist Islam. It is much closer to home. It is the modern American Left.

Given the news of the weekend and the inevitable discussions on “violent rhetoric,” calling them a “cult of death” may not be the most tactful phrasing, but it fits. They went apoplectic at the idea of one of their bastions of abortion being under attack (whether it was the target or not is unconfirmed, as per the authorities in Colorado Springs). They wanted nothing more than to blame the Right for violent rhetoric that would have led to such an attack.

Nevermind that death surrounds these clinics every day. That millions of children have been slaughtered and their body parts sold does not concern them. They still argue – against science, one might add – that a fetus is not a living being.

However, this is the same Leftism that says it is absolutely okay to end a life simply because of age. And, no, I’m not talking necessarily about euthanasia. Death panels. The counseling of patients as they near death. Not wasting any more time or (more importantly) medical resources on the old.


When life gets inconvenient, when a pregnancy gets in your way, when a loved one’s sickness is too much for you (not them) to deal with, then yes, absolutely choose death over life. The main difference between ISIS and the American Left is that ISIS values life as well. They believe in the importance of sacrificing oneself in order to achieve something that is greater than themselves.

What does the American Left sacrifice life for? Their own pleasure and happiness. There is nothing greater to them then whatever can be found on this earth, during their lives, that affects them. This is the modern American Left. A Cult of Death that worships their ability to dictate life and death, and for their own ends.


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