The #Mizzou Leftists are Upsetting the Media Leftists

As much as I sympathize with the journalists who are trying to get in and tell the story of the Mizzou protests, I cannot help but laugh every time something happens to offend them – they are shut out of coverage by their own. The protest, you see, is a Media creation, and the Media would do nothing but praise them as good little children and pat them on the head (incidentally, the same kind of parenting that leads to the mentality these protesters all share now!).


Unfortunately, the protesters don’t want the Media there. At all. They have been screaming and shouting and calling for “muscle” to come get rid of any reporter that comes near. The Media is flabbergasted. “Why don’t they love us? WE MADE THEM!” they cry to themselves. A communications professor named Melissa Click has become famous overnight for hating the mass communications industry.

Melissa Click

And that’s the exact nature of the Left. They are a group of factions with very little in common other than perceived victimhood. The result? They get territorial.

The Media is upset at the protesters because the protesters are upset at them. The black community is upset that the LGBT community claims civil rights violations, and the LGBT dislikes Christians who do not believe in gay marriage being a natural right – both the black and Hispanic communities are still pretty Christian. College kids hate old Democrats because the world is ruined, and the old Democrats hate college kids because they don’t don’t go out and vote and are starting to fall into the “pox on both your houses” mentality.


These are all Democratic groups. They support the Democratic party time and again, but they cannot unite because their aims conflict with each others’. A shrieking communications professor hates the media coming in to cover an event she feels proud of. The Media hates the communications professor for infringing on their right to cover an event (one that, again, they helped created).



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