Donald Trump Wants the Government to Take Your Stuff

Well, here goes Fox News treating Donald Trump unfairly(?).

This is your GOP frontrunner. He is okay with your government seizing your property for “job development.” You get what that means? He wants to extend government’s power into your very home and allow them to take your stuff. Why does Trump believe this is so good? Because’s he’s been in the property business, of course. He’s tried to use government to get him other people’s property before.


Here’s the deal, though. This isn’t just about Trump deciding that it’s totally cool for the government to take your stuff. Trump has decided that, like Barack Obama, he can use government to forcibly create jobs. The only difference is that while Obama is growing the public sector, Trump would attempt to grow the private sector on the backs of working class citizens for larger corporations. Yes, I just used Bernie Sanders’ talking point from the Kelo case and no I regret nothing because holy hell this is literally the only thing Sanders has ever been right about ever.

This is yet another case of a “Republican” (yes, I put quotation marks around that because no he is not a Republican good lord you people are being pushy tonight) wanting to work in the best (special) interest of (big) business (while shutting small businesses out of the marketplace).

No, Mr. Trump. This isn’t something conservatives aren’t ignorant of. We just don’t want the @#$%ing government taking our stuff.


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