What could we do with all that Planned Parenthood money?

What could we do with all that Planned Parenthood money?

What if we stripped away all funding for Planned Parenthood? What if we took that money, kept it tied to women’s health care, and distributed it in a different way?

What if we took that money and created a subsidy that women could apply for that covered preventative health screenings as well as doctor and hospital visits during pregnancy and delivery? What if another chunk of that money could go to adoption agencies to help offset reductions in the price of adoption?

Imagine for a moment that we did all that. We take funding out of an organization like Planned Parenthood, which has been shown in unedited film to sell the body parts of dead babies, and give that money directly to women instead, and to places where children benefit. What a fine world that might look like, right? We are called every day to be compassionate to the poor, to not strip away women’s access to health care, to think of those in dire need of assistance. Shouldn’t this be an easy compromise? The Republicans can get federal money out of the hands of an abortion provider and Democrats get a new social safety net.

Win-win, right? Of course not.

Planned Parenthood is an organization solely in it for the profit. They fight vehemently to keep their federal money. They fight vehemently against over the counter birth control. In both cases, they lose money should it come to pass. And, if Planned Parenthood loses money, Democrats lose money. Planned Parenthood is a big donor to Democrats and their political action arm attacks Republicans whenever they can.

And the Republicans in Congress are just going to go along with this status quo, aren’t they? There are virtually no spines left there to take a firm hold of the issue and actually make demands of the Democrats. The moral crisis continues, and there is no one in power who can fight it, it seems.

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