David Brock and the New York Times are at war. #blessed

To be honest, if you’re a conservative pundit or political observer, you know that this is probably the kind of scenario where you just root for (metaphorical) injuries.


[David] Brock, the former right-wing journalist-turned-pro-Clinton crusader, takes aim at a top New York Times editor in a soon-to-be released book obtained by POLITICO. In the book, titled “Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary Clinton and Hijack Your Government,” Brock accuses senior politics editor and former Washington bureau chief Carolyn Ryan of helping to turn the paper into a “megaphone for conservative propaganda” by unfairly targeting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


But he uses the book as a platform to attack the Times — whose editorial board endorsed Clinton over Barack Obama in 2008 — over its approach towards the Clintons from the Whitewater investigations of the 1990s to the current coverage of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“As it concerns Clinton coverage, the Times will have a special place in hell,” he writes, claiming that interviews with current Times employees prove his case.

Brock sees conservative boogeymen in the strangest places, chief among them liberal news outlets like the New York Times. POLITICO was kind enough to point out that the paper endorsed Clinton over Obama in 2008, and has a long history of doing their best to cover for the Clinton machine.

But, the New York Times isn’t just ignoring the issue. They are going waist-deep into the battle, according to the POLITICO story. Which is just super, because it’s a mud fight with David Brock and the New York Times and I am not involved.


The problem for Mr. Brock isn’t that the conservatives have overridden the media. The problem is that the liberal-leaning media is as tired as the rest of us of being treated as lower class citizens by the Clinton political machine. Brock may owe a huge debt to the Clintons for their help in getting him donors, but Hillary is not Bill – there is no slick charisma there to deflect serious ethical issues away.

Hillary is running her race as a queen, and her treatment of a media – as if she automatically expects their fealty (which, to be fair, is something one might do if the media shows a constant lapdog mentality for Democrats) – has left them thoroughly upset. The New York Times is just a large target for him to aim his rage at. And, if this POLITICO story is to be believed, there is a lot of rage being expressed here.

This is just a feel-good story for those of us on the right. Let’s take a moment to enjoy it.


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