You'd Think John Boehner and Hillary Clinton Would Be BFFs

Hillary Clinton said she wasn’t going to apologize. Then she apologized. She made it clear she was sorry for confusing or upsetting the public. She, quite literally, #sorrynotsorry’d the American public to the point that everyone, even the media, feels pretty openly trolled.

[mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ], per Erick and Streiff yesterday, could be looking at the end of his time as House Speaker, if not a Congressman. He has repeatedly caved on conservative issues shown outright hostility to the conservative base that he has, time and again, relied on votes from and raised money off of.

It would not shock me to discover that Clinton and Boehner were totes BFFs. They openly show contempt for the American public and feel entitled to positions of power based on their longevity in the political arena only. They have no interest in really governing at this point. They just want the title and the recognition that comes with it. Sure, they have their own agendas they want to get pushed, but if it doesn’t happen, whatever. They just use their mighty thrones to preach about how the people against them are wrong and they can get wrongs righted if only they have more monetary support.

It would not shock me because, at the end of the day, the two are exactly the same. Boehner may (heavy, heavy emphasis on may) be to the Right of Clinton, but they both don’t really care about policy so much as getting what they think they deserve. And, in both of their parties, there is a growing movement to prevent their inevitability. For the Republicans, it is Donald Trump. For the Democrats, it is Bernie Sanders. Each figure represents what would happen if the current party establishment is simply too distant to really be seen as effective, and you want to burn the establishment down.

The Democratic Establishment, surprisingly, isn’t liberal enough for the growing Sanders crowd, and so the face of the party must change. This differs slightly from the Republican Establishment’s problems, which are a bit bigger. The entire system must be burned to the ground in order for conservatism to survive, Trump supporters believe.

Clinton and Boehner are the faces of the problems in their parties. With how much they seem to hate the average American voter, they could be best friends. But with their open derision for what appears to be all Americans at this point, perhaps they’d just hate each other, too.

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