Be Wary of the Refugee Crisis

Be Wary of the Refugee Crisis

I write this with the full knowledge that the bleeding hearts of the world will frown upon it, but it is an alternative side of the refugee crisis in Syria that we must be wary of. It is an absolutely terrible crisis that we need to pray for, and we do need to see that these people who have fled their homes because of the devastating carnage can eventually settle down and try to rebuild their lives to the best of their ability in this chaotic time.

However, there is a growing criticism of the wealthier Arab nations surrounding Syria because they will not take in those refugees. The West is showing an eagerness to do so, but such a policy could pose an incredibly dangerous threat to those Western nations – the same nations ISIS and other Islamic extremists wish to see toppled.

ISIS is a nation-building force. In the cities they’ve captured, they’ve set up governmental bodies, regulatory forces, and even investigators to make sure things run smoothly. We’ve seen their willingness to be more than a loosely-affiliated network of cells like Al-Qaeda. They want an Islamic State from which they can begin to revolutionize the Arab world and, eventually, the Western world. To that end, the refugee crisis provides the perfect for ISIS militants to sneak into neighboring and Western countries in order to recruit or even plan and launch attacks.

As this Friday, the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks, shows us, such infiltration and planning is not unheard of from Islamic militants.

We should offer prayers and support where possible. We as a nation have the means to aid others who are faced with an increasing number of refugees due to this crisis. Perhaps we even owe it to them, considering it is the failed policies of the United States that have in large part led to this unmitigated disaster. The blame can, quite fairly, be placed at the feet of Barack Obama, who wanted to be seen as a peacemaker, and has done everything in his power to not take firm control of a situation he had a major hand in creating.

However, we cannot, as a nation that has seen devastating terror attacks on our own soil, allow uncontrolled refugee importing into our borders. And, if you say that we have policies in place that prevent unmonitored access to our country, I’d like to point out the stellar job we’ve done so far. The kind of job that has led to sanctuary cities.


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