Pro-Abortion Website Tries Intimidating Whistleblower

Holly O’Donnell is the star of the Center for Medical Progress documentary series, “Human Capital,” which aims to expose Planned Parenthood as the soulless, dead-baby-part selling organization it is. RH Reality Check is a social justice website for “women’s reproductive health,” which is exactly as awful as it sounds. So awful, in fact, that one of its writers wrote a hit piece on O’Donnell, listing her account names under several social and dating sites. The intent was to shame O’Donnell into silence.

The piece was such an embarrassingly obvious personal attack that RH Reality Check took it down and put up an editorial as to why they would take it down.

Our reporting on O’Donnell was intended to focus on the hypocrisy of a person who has and wants to enjoy sexual freedom and autonomy all while seeking to deny this right to others. Full stop.

We believed answers to the question, “Who is Holly O’Donnell,” were germane to the political debate in which she has placed herself front and center, and from which she has never sought to recuse herself in the weeks since the videos including her came out.

That said, our piece clearly crossed a line by providing far too much information about her personal life, which in turn made it seem like we were engaging in the same practice of shaming someone for sex we decry on the right. Targeting O’Donnell’s personal life is, unlike, say, Josh Duggar, unlikely to influence public perceptions of the anti-choice movement as a whole. To target her and open her up to harassment based on her sexual preferences was wrong.

It was also a mistake to include these preferences framed in a similar light as her apparent fascination on public social media accounts with Adolf Hitler, as if all of those behaviors were equal.

You see, for them it’s all about the “sex” part of “sexual health.” If it feels good, do it. You want sexual freedom? Awesome. Have some. The pro-life movement is not about repressing sexuality. It’s about acknowledging that you are taking another human life and extinguishing it before it has the chance to flourish. You can be as sexually free as you want, but just because you can’t be responsible enough to keep from creating a brand new human being doesn’t mean you can end its life and pretend there are no consequences.

The Left loves to refer to us as the “anti-choice” movement, but which side is denying a brand new child the ability to make any choices at all? It’s certainly not the ones who want it to actually make it to delivery and beyond.

O’Donnell did a very brave and wonderful thing by coming forward. Her private life is not and was not ever a part of this. That didn’t stop those who feel threatened by her words from attacking her personal life. She could use your support and prayers.

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