Dean Obeidallah's Last Resort is Hither

It started out as a typical Saturday morning. Wake up, get some coffee, check Twitter, see outrage of the day, move on. Today, it was stand-up-turned-pundit Dean Obeidallah’s turn to provide the outrage.



So, okay, Obeidallah is probably upset at the protesters wielding guns at a mosque to protest radical Islam’s affect on the kind of people who like to kill Christians and gays. I can see where the outrage is coming from. I don’t necessarily agree with Obeidallah’s politics, but that’s cool. You do you, Dean… Well, that was the mentality until Godwin’s Law came into effect.

I love this typo so much, you guys.

I was shocked, I’ll admit, considering the wealth of knowledge out there about Hitler’s utter rejection of religion and his dabbling in the occult from time to time. But pointing that out doesn’t stop Obeidallah from doubling down. At all.

“In Mein Kampf, Hitler speaks about killing Jews in the name of the Lord,” says Obeidallah, who apparently has not heard of propagandists using rhetoric to get people to join their cause (unless, of course, it’s ISIS, who is totally not following Islam, but is using it as a tool to recruit while really not be Islamic at all, despite all evidence to the contrary). “He was Catholic,” Obeidallah laters says, ignoring the fact that Hitler on multiple occasions said that the Nazi party was the “party of science” (hello, Democrats) and that it could not co-exist with religion. Hitler, by all historic accounts, stopped attending the sacraments before his political career started, but used the pillars of a specific religion to bolster the legitimacy of his cause.

The irony may or may not be lost on Obeidallah.