The Great Democratic Experiment in NYC isn't working

Noted mayor with communist ties Bill de Blasio, who currently sits upon a throne in New York City is receiving some less than favorable news. And, by less than favorable, I mean his favorability is really low right now.

Approval ratings of mayors in the middle of first term:
Michael Bloomberg 32%
Bill de Blasio 44%

That chart is courtesy WNBC/Marist and Qunnipiac, and is available here along with the also stellar news that Andrew Cuomo’s popularity is lower than George Pataki, currently one of the “Uh… who?” candidates in the GOP 2016 primary. de Blasio is below 50%, but keep in mind that Bloomberg won re-election easily. It’s just that the Democrats kinda celebrated de Blasio as a step in the right direction for the city and the party, and so far he’s got nothing popular to show for it.

Let’s be honest here. 44% approval is nowhere close to “OMG de Blasio is gonna be a one-term guy,” and low approval is not something the Democrats should be unaccustomed to at this point. But, de Blasio is… well, he’s not the most appealing guy. The fact of the matter is that incumbency is and always will be the most difficult obstacle to overcome in winning a race, and if the Republican GOP in New York (state) wants to get serious about things, they need to get some priorities in line. There is a chance they could pull something out of their rear ends, but they have pretty full plates right now.

No Democrat should be okay with a below 50% approval, because that means the utopia they keep wanting to create in America isn’t such a happy fun place. Things in New York are a bit chaotic, and even the press is skeptical about him… or really pissed that he never shows up on time to a press conference and has little to no regard for them at all. After all, a free and open press is always the enemy of those who wish to rule rather than represent…

Anyway, de Blasio isn’t popular, but likely will keep be re-elected barring a catastrophe (for him, not us). However, please take careful not to be too distressed, because being the mayor of a city that is at its best under a Republican mayor and having a 44% approval rating either means he won’t run for president (likely) or will just split the Democrats even further on who the hell they actually want… Actually, as one of the very few legacy names being tossed about, and with the Democratic Party’s increasingly extremist tilt, de Blasio might be the perfect guy for them.

…Run, Bill. Run.