I, for one, agree with @HillaryClinton

As Cute As Always

Today, Hillary Clinton announced her big news – she’s running for president in 2016. I know, guys, you’re as shocked as I am. Here’s the thing, though: In the video where she announces her intentions, she says something I really agree with: “When our families are strong, America is strong.”

I, as a conservative and general supporter of strong families, agree with the former Secretary of State on this issue. Stronger families, in general, lead to a stronger America. How far have we as a nation fallen with rising divorce rates, non-traditional family arrangements, and the absolute eviction of religion from the public square? These are all pillars of strong family life, and if they return, then families grow stronger, thus making America stronger.

It’s more than just the social conservatism, though. Look at the fiscal issues that plague us as a nation. Strong work ethic, balancing the checkbook, and making the money we do have stretch further are all things American families have to do on a regular basis. The fact that Mrs. Clinton ends her video with by saying she wishes to hit the road and “earn your vote” bodes well for this mentality, as well. She isn’t taking anything for granted, after all.

Mrs. Clinton, I encourage you to run on the traditional family values that make America work. Hard work, traditional and fiscal responsibility, and an overall urge to keep America strong indicates you wish to run on conservative values, and I salute you for that. Maybe we can all be #ReadyForHillary, after all.