All Rights Are Equal (But Some Are More Equal Than Others)

Animal Farm remains one of my all time favorite books. It’s a satire of Communist Russia AND it’s got farm animals, so I can read it to my three-year-old and she likes it. The indoctrination has to start early, after all.

Now, I know it’s a reference that’s been made on this Front Page before (and, as is often the case, what it’s used for can vary because it applies so well to just about everything), but the ending is incredibly powerful: The laws that govern the farm are constantly being changed to the point where the only one remaining states that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Personally, I hope that Indiana can survive the Internet not liking it and calling for a boycott using a hashtag. After all, hashtags have worked so well for the Obama Administration’s foreign policy. Indiana did screw up, though, when it assumed that the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution are equal and should be treated as such. How funny is it that they think Speech, Peaceful Assembly, Press, and Redress of Grievances should be forced to coexist on the same level as Religion. But the Activist Left, which is known for its rational behavior, is here to right all wrongs and make things better for all.

The freedom to practice one’s religion without fear of persecution is exactly how America became a thing that happened in history. Religious freedom was vital to the people who left Europe looking for somewhere less oppressive toward their views. The freedom of these people to call for a boycott is, ironically, a direct result of the Founders putting those rights on equal footing. It is amazing to see the negligence toward history (negligence at best, tremendous hostility and rejection at worst) when these groups complain and call things unfair.

What, exactly, makes the freedom of religion worth less than the other freedoms? The Supreme Court has said the KKK has protections for freedom of speech (except in cases where they incite imminent, lawless action). What makes the KKK’s freedom of speech worth more than a baker’s freedom to exercise his faith in his practice?

Augusta National has only two female members in its ranks. Why won’t this government, which doesn’t shy away from activism, pressure it to bring in more women?

The answer to both of those is simple, and you already know it if you’ve been reading the Front Page for a while: There is a growing hostility to the Christian religion and people of the Christian faith. I add the “Christian” qualifier in there because it’s well-known that the Left does not hold radical Islam to the same standards, despite a vibrant history of killing gays and women.

All rights, my friends, are supposed to be created equal. These rights – given to us by God Himself, endowed by our Creator – are all for the purpose of making us a free country that can enjoy them. But, to these groups, some of these rights are more equal than others.