No allies are safe from the manchild president

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about the petulant manchild president whose administration declassified a report detailing quite a bit about Israel’s nuclear program, which does nothing but validate the paranoid, extremist views against Israel in the Middle East. Earlier today, my colleague streiff wrote about the U.S. basically caving to Iran on its demands for a deal. Simultaneously, the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo has a story that answers the question of “Are we hostile to all allies who question the Almighty Obama?” The answer, not surprisingly, is yes.

Tension between Washington and Paris comes amid frustration by other U.S. allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. The White House responded to this criticism by engaging in public campaigns analysts worry will endanger American interests.

Western policy analysts who spoke to the Free Beacon, including some with close ties to the French political establishment, were dismayed over what they saw as the White House’s willingness to sacrifice its relationship with Paris as talks with Iran reach their final stages.

A recent phone call between Obama and Hollande was reported as tense as the leaders disagreed over the White House’s accommodation of Iranian red lines.

Obama’s administration has referred to France as a close friend, citing that they are, in fact, our nation’s oldest ally. And while all this is true, Obama’s words once again do not match his deeds. What is described as the “softening” of stances regarding Iran’s nuclear program is met with a pretty big hesitation, because apparently other countries understand that when Iran’s religious zealots refer to the West (the U.S. in particular) as needing to be destroyed, they mean it.

This president (or, at least, his cronies in the administration) has/have outed a top secret nuclear program belonging to our most important ally in the Middle East in a petty move to get back at its prime minister for embarrassing him thrice. Then, when the administration caves to Iran and Western allies express concern, they get basically bullied to keep in line.

Crazy, right?

Pride cometh before the fall, as we are told time and again. Pray that our president’s pride does not lead to all of us falling with him.

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