The DNC 2014 Autopsy

The Democratic National Committee has released the 2014 Autopsy. It is nine pages long. In 2013, the GOP released its autopsy. It was 100 pages long, mocked by the left, and in 2014, the GOP handed a historic spanking to the Democrats. The DNC report details what went wrong and what they need to do to fix it… Well, they did half of that. They never admitted what really went wrong. In fact, they acknowledge their losses in government since 2008, but don’t say what caused them. At all.


It is clear that Americans overwhelmingly support the people and issues that the Democratic Party fights for every day. Our work in support of equality in all areas – personal, wage, marriage, justice – was endorsed by Americans when they supported ballot measure after ballot measure that were focused on ensuring that this is a country for all. We have suffered devastating losses at all levels of government since 2008 including:

  • 69 House Seats 
  • 13 Senate Seats 
  • 910 State Legislative Seats 
  • 30 State Legislative Chambers 
  • 11 Governorships

Yet we know how to win elections.

Well, Obama knows how to win his own elections, using a coalition you later admit you don’t have.

In order to win elections, the Democratic Party must reclaim voters that we’ve lost including white Southern voters, excite key constituencies such as African American women and Latinas, and mobilize the broadest coalition of voters possible to not only recapture state houses but also Congress. In order to better understand how to bring this large coalition together, the Task Force recommends – in tandem with the National Narrative Project – that the DNC’s research delve more deeply into the barriers that keep people from identifying with, and supporting, Democratic candidates. This also includes working to better understand drop off and independent voters.

And, of course, there is a clearly “No duh” moment in the report. I’ll only copy the header:


In Georgia, you went back decades to find candidates for Governor and Senator. In the 2016 fight, you still look decades into the past and reach for a Clinton. You have very few energetic, young Democrats and, oddly, a bunch of old white guys, leading your group and your efforts to excite minority female bases. We at RedState have pointed out your lack of a bench in states and nationwide. If, Democrats, you are serious about doing this, maybe read our site for more than just things to take out of context*. Just because we’re always Right doesn’t mean we’re always wrong.



*I feel safe in suggesting this because of course it would never happen.


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