Hold it: Snopes isn't convinced on this Gruber thing.

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Things Snopes.com is great for:

  1. Debunking that thing on Facebook everyone is sharing.
  2. Letting you know if a celebrity really did that.
  3. Easing your mind by telling you there is no dead girl under your bed waiting to kill you if you don’t past this post along.

Things Snopes.com is not great for:

  1. Political commentary.
  2. Good lessons in factchecking.
  3. A clean and simple user interface.

While I can’t really comment too much on that third one in the second list, I can tell you a little about Snopes’ latest attempt to try and fit in with the Cool Online Left Crowd. This piece that went up today says that there are elements of truth and fiction in the Jonathan Gruber video that went viral today. So viral, in fact, that all the big talk show hosts were discussing it, and both Fox News and Jake Tapper ran stories on it. However, that isn’t enough for Noted Conspiracy Debunkers, Snopes.com:

While the newly-circulated video of Gruber’s remarks is unedited, the comments are neither recent nor complete. The remarks were taken from a nearly hour-long panel discussion in October 2013, the specific reason they began to suddenly draw interest remains unclear, and the recirculation of year-old comments may have originated with an anti-Obamacare PAC.


Get this, guys. Because it was posted by conservatives and it’s not even new, of course it can’t possibly be totally real. You need the full hour of testimony, Left-wing websites, and probably a couple of sworn affidavits for it to be considered wholly true. Of course, if you’re expecting honest political commentary out of Snopes.com and its writers… Actually, I can’t finish that in any kind way. Just don’t do it.

As an aside, where does Phil Kerpen’s career go from here? He’s been embedded in a Snopes.com article.



P.S. A dead girl is hiding under your bed and will totally gnaw off your flesh every night this week if you don’t share this post.


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