Out of Ignorance or Out of Spite?

On more than one occasion in the last couple of weeks (the most vital couple of weeks as we near election day), President Barack Obama has said things that are, simply put, strategically dumb.


It’s more than likely that Republicans, barring a tremendous disaster, will take a majority in the Senate this year. The Democrats, even House ones, are struggling in key races, and groups are pulling money out of states now. Some races they had faith in are now effectively over. But, in other races, Democrats are pulling ahead and could take a victory.

But the president, in speeches and comments made publicly, has tied himself to them in a time when they are running as hard as they can away from him. Even biased news media can’t escape from reporting on the obvious – Obama is unpopular and is a burden on embattled and emerging Democratic candidates. Yet, he goes out and says that, while he is not on the ballot, his policies are. He doubled down later by acknowledging they can’t be seen with him, but they would still vote with him. And no one in his inner circle seems competent enough to tell him to be quiet.

At some point, the Democrats will need to ask themselves whether it’s out of political naivety or out of bitter spite. The former is certainly likely, given Obama’s utter lack of experience in the real and political world. Here’s a man who went from community organizer to state legislator to U.S. Senator to President in almost record time. He is a man filled with contradictions in rhetoric and a politician who cannot seem to make the right choice and ends up fumbling every other decision he makes.


On the other hand, there is certainly no lack of evident spite for his enemies. At every turn, it is someone else’s fault. The GOP are literally called enemies by him. Allies have been thrown under the bus if they speak out of turn. If it is a threat to Obama, it gets steamrolled by him and his team. He would certainly like to do that with Hillary Clinton, but a protective and moved-on media will prevent that.

If Obama believes his legacy is being threatened, he strikes back. That could include now his own party. Those who make it a point to run away from him (or, in some cases, against him) will be seen as those tarnishing his legacy. A betrayal from his own party would make him (somewhat understandably) livid, and he might take the necessary measures to strike back without appearing to.

But, hey, it’s only a theory, and one that rests on the idea that Obama has admitted or can admit he was wrong.


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