Mary Landrieu (D) To Appear in Court #LASen

As the sun rises over a small courthouse in the heart of Louisiana’s capital city, one woman is supposed to appear before a judge to verify she is actually a resident of Louisiana. That woman? Sitting U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu.

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu has been issued a subpoena for Friday’s Baton Rouge court hearing over her Louisiana residency, though the Senator has not seen it yet.

“We have not yet received any kind of request, and we expect the court to quickly dismiss this tired claim,” said Fabien Levy, Landrieu’s communications director, of the case.

Since the subpoena had not reached the Senator yet on Thursday evening, it is unlikely that Landrieu will have to appear in court Friday. State Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington, filed a lawsuit against Landrieu Friday alleging that she lives full-time in Washington D.C. and cannot represent Louisiana because she is not a state resident.

Landrieu listed her parents house in New Orleans as her Louisiana domicile when she qualified to run for re-election earlier this month. The Senator, her eight siblings and mother own the New Orleans house together, though Landrieu also owns a home with her husband in Washington D.C.

Landrieu is one of several Democrats considered to be fighting for her political life, and this new drama is set to do more damage to a campaign that was recently forced to admit they had violated travel finance rules.

You see, the good senator lives in Washington D.C., but also claims to share a home in Louisiana with her parents. A lawsuit was filed by state lawmaker and former U.S. Senate candidate Paul Hollis, who is leveling the claim that Landrieu is violating the law by not living in the state. Hollis is not the first to make the claim, as RedState-endorsed Rob Maness raised the issue much earlier.

The claim put Landrieu’s camp on the defensive quickly. They would like to dismiss it, but it just keeps coming back up at a time when the campaign would much rather focus on her “record,” if and when they can find one that appeals to Louisiana citizens*. The “Air Mary” scandal was thought to be over, but alas, now she is caught up in another negative story. The lawsuit may, in fact, not go anywhere, but that doesn’t stop it from becoming a talking point, does it (ask Pat Roberts!)?

The accusation may turn into something, or it may not. But, it is not a good situation for a woman who is polling well enough below 50% to keep her from outright winning the November contest in Louisiana, and is losing in almost every runoff poll that’s come out for months now.



*Her record does, however, appeal to energy giants in the state. She does, after all, really bring home the bacon for them. And people wonder why the Democrats are suddenly so cronyist.