Someone didn't tell Mike Rogers and Devin Nunes the Rules Of Republican Support(TM)

For a while now, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has told conservatives that we risk Republicans losing to Democrats when we pit outsiders against incumbents because we don’t like their politics. However, the NRSC clearly doesn’t communicate with members of the House of Representatives and their cohorts in the NRCC where these rules are concerned, as two GOP representatives are fundraising again one of their own.


Two sitting GOP lawmakers, including the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, will raise money next week in an effort to oust Michigan Rep. Justin Amash from Congress.

According to an invitation obtained by POLITICO, Reps. Mike Rogers of Michigan and Devin Nunes of California are slated to appear at a breakfast event for congressional candidate Brian Ellis, who is challenging Amash in the Aug. 5 Republican primary.

That via POLITICO (obviously).

Now, granted, Justin Amash is a bit more libertarian than conservative, but he holds a special place in some of our hearts for saying what sometimes needs to be said. Naturally, that means The Establishment needs to shut him down. What’s even better is that seems to be a really petty attempt to knock down the young’un, as both Rogers and Nunes have been in public arguments with Amash over national security issues. Apparently, party purity is only acceptable when it conforms with the Establishment views. Amash is backed by groups like Club For Growth.


Rogers is the outgoing chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes called Amash “al Qaeda’s best friend in the Congress,” which probably upset Obama because they’re supposed to be routed thanks to his efforts or something.


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