Landrieu campaign, media doubling down on Koch bashing

Not too too long ago, I put up a post on how the Left was going into outrage mode over an Americans For Prosperity ad running in Louisiana that featured paid actors and not Louisiana residents. Lucky for all of us, Mary Landrieu’s office is not yet done attacking AFP and the Koch Brothers, who are the money behind AFP, over the ad.


In a clearly coordinated effort, every Gannett-owned paper in the state of Louisiana is running an editorial condemning the ad. Check out the Monroe News-Star, for example.

Millions of dollars have been spent on political ads for Louisiana’s upcoming U.S. Senate race. But neither Democratic incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu nor her leading opponent, Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, are spending it.

So far, the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, bankrolled by the billionaire Koch brothers, has spent $2.6 million on negative ads aimed at Landrieu.

The Lafayette Daily Advertiser ran the exact same editorial in their paper.

It’s not a big shock to see these media outlets uniting to defend a Democrat. It’s not a big shock to see them coordinating (especially the Gannett papers). At the same time as these editorials are released, others praising Mary Landrieu’s move to chair the Senate Energy Committee, were released. Landrieu, who enjoys the support of Big Energy in Louisiana, has one major ad, however. In that ad, she talks about how she told President Barack Obama to keep his promise of “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” That’s right: Her ad key ad has her running against Barack Obama. Not Bill Cassidy. Not Rob Maness. Not Paul Hollis.

The editorals, despite saying “The fiercely independent citizens of Louisiana don’t need — or want — anyone telling them what to think or how to vote,” truly believe that Louisiana residents can’t think for themselves. Louisiana residents must be told to ignore one group, but listen to another. “Listen to us,” they say. “We’re your local newspaper, after all. By the way, did you know it’s really freaking awesome that Mary Landrieu is the Senate Energy Committee chair?”


These coordinated editorials, which are ripe for the Louisiana Democratic Party and the Landrieu campaign staff to pick up and use, offer us a tremendous insight into what it is we’re battling here and around the country.

Now, this whole notion of out-of-state money used for an ad campaign being a bad thing reeks of hypocrisy. I have yet to see anyone from Landrieu’s office condemn the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC, which is run by a former Harry Reid strategist, for running an anti-Cassidy ad campaign recently.

And, of course, there is this whole “ATTACK THE KOCH BROTHERS” mentality, which, as Moe Lane pointed out earlier, is kind of hypocritical of the Democratic Party. I eagerly await Landrieu’s condemnation of both the Senate Majority PAC and those six Democrats, plus Mark Pryor of Arkansas, for taking evil Koch brothers money.

I shant hold my breath for those condemnations, however.


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