ACLU suing bishops over hospitals' Pro-Life guidelines

The ACLU announced on Monday that it is going to file a sweeping federal lawsuit based on Catholic hospitals not offering abortions. Because that totally makes sense in every way possible. From the same left wing that expects Christian churches to marry same sex couple and sues them when they don’t, we have a group that wants to sue not the hospital where an incident occurred, but every bishop in the country, essentially. Via the New York Times:


In an unusual step, she is not suing the hospital, Mercy Health Partners in Muskegon, but rather the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Its ethical and religious directives, the suit alleges, require Catholic hospitals to avoid abortion or referrals, “even when doing so places a woman’s health or life at risk.”

The suit is based on the case of one Tamesha Means, who was 18 weeks pregnant when her water broke and went to Mercy Health Partners in Muskegon, who did not inform her that the best course of action was to deliver and terminate. As a result, the suit claims, she was exposed to infections that could kill her.

The bishops, the ACLU argues, aren’t medical professionals and shouldn’t be making these calls. The ACLU, apparently, firmly believes that bishops stand in every operating room to make sure nothing close to an abortion occurs.

It’s absolutely no coincidence that this comes at the time it does: The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on related topics of medical care and faith. The ACLU is putting Erick’s “You Will Be Made To Care” mantra into overdrive as they attempt to take down one of the most powerful moral and religious groups in the nation.


And every news outlet you can imagine has been quick to decry the Church’s medical practices, despite some of their own sources saying this is a bit of a stretch. The AP, for example:

Robin Fretwell Wilson, a University of Illinois professor who specializes in family and health law, said a negligence claim would hinge in part on whether the ACLU can establish that the conference has some direct control in this case or in hospitals in general. The bishops have moral authority over local Catholic hospitals but are not involved in the day-to-day business of administration.

“It’s so many layers removed,” Fretwell Wilson said, that she has “a difficult time buying” that the bishops’ conference is legally responsible in this case.

However, we are never to forget that one brave Catholic hospital saved a woman’s life by terminating a pregnancy and was subsequently stripped of its affiliation with the Church… Even though that is an isolated case and a lot Catholic groups do acknowledge a life of mother situation. Indeed, don’t pay attention to the evidence behind the curtain!


Normally, I like to make jokes about utterly ridiculous things, but I can’t find anything funny in this tragically misguided and downright insane action. What’s worse is that, given the moral trajectory of so many things in life, I wouldn’t be extremely surprised to learn that the ACLU wins. Just incredibly disappointed.


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