National Taxpayers Union endorses Jeff Landry

Hey, Louisiana folks. Fantastic news. With only a few days left to go, the National Taxpayers Union has endorsed Jeff Landry for U.S. Representative in District 3.


“It’ll take a combination of tenacious veterans, recently-tested tax-fighters, and many energetic newcomers to get the nation’s finances back on the path to sustainability,” said National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund (NTUCF) President Duane Parde. “Congressman Landry is an elite pro-taxpayer representative who will lead our country to a brighter fiscal future. He is truly a taxpayer ally and has the full support of NTUCF.”

The endorsement comes after the Boustany campaign spent months trying to convince voters that Landry wanted to raise sales taxes to 23%. After repeatedly denying, the ultimate backing on the subject of taxing steps in to tell Boustany “No.” It is a wonderful thing to see.

This is big and hopefully the news gets out there. If you’re in this district, spread the word and get this guy into this seat. Boustany should not be allowed to win.



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