BREAKING: MISTRIAL declared in Michael Slager Trial

SC State Judge Clifton Newman has declared a mistrial after the jury in former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager’s murder trial were unable to reach a verdict. Michael Slager is on trial for killing an unarmed African-American and Veteran Walter Scott after Scott fled during a traffic stop in April 2015.  

There was a sole holdout who stated he could not convict the former Police Officer of murder or the lesser included offense of manslaughter. The Prosecution has requested time to decide whether to refile charges and try Michael Slager again.  The Jury told the judge on Friday that they were hopelessly deadlocked. At that time, Michael Slager’s defense team headed by Charleston lawyer Andy Savage requested a mistrial. Judge Newman ordered the jury to continue deliberating over the weekend. On Monday when they returned, again they told Judge Newman that they were hopelessly deadlocked. At that time, Judge Newman declared a mistrial.


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