Bonus Cartoon: On the SS Biden, the Rats Are Jumping Ship

AP Photo/Evan Vucci


Thursday night was the night of the long knives. Media bootlickers are in a panic. The SS Biden is on fire and the rats are jumping ship. No longer can the media pretend that Biden isn't a dumpster fire. The DNC is in a panic, and there is nothing they or the Biden surrogates can do about it. As long as he has Jill Biden's approval, her husband will believe he's fine. Just fine. 


Jill won't relinquish the White House. Not a chance that she willingly walks away. Jill is responsible for Joe running. She is the enabler. Without her approval Joe will go to the convention with a losing platform and nowhere to go but sink further into the muck. 

The rats are jumping ship -- but Jill and Joe are staying until the last.


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