It's Happening: Growing Calls From Liberal Media for DNC to Replace Biden at the Convention or Earlier

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Here we go: After an abysmal performance at the first debate of the 2024 presidential election cycle, there are growing calls for President Biden to be replaced at the Democrat National Committee (DNC) convention. Some might have been saying they favor replacing Biden behind closed doors, but now some are coming out and publicly saying he should not be the Democrat nominee to take on former President Trump. 


Former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang posted on X that the Democrats must replace Biden in order to have a chance against Trump in November:

CNN's John King said there is "a very aggressive panic" in the Democrat party.

This is very bad news for Biden, as more people try to convince him to drop out and get out of the way. 

MSNBC and "Meet the Press" host Kristen Welker said:

It could be frozen in time ... the lawmaker who I heard from, say this is effectively over, some even starting to question what happens moving forward

CBS reports there are some House Democrats who will speak to the White House to get Biden to step down:


Mediaite, which is a very liberal-friendly news outlet, calls for Biden to step aside:

The bar was set low as is for Biden, and he couldn't even get past that bar. It will be very interesting to see if Biden is the nominee after the DNC convention. 


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