Paul Pelosi's Attacker Sentenced to Life. Columbia Thugs Walk. Justice Depends on Who You Are.

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After Paul Pelosi was attacked in his home by David DePape, some conspiracy theorists offered some interesting theories on what actually happened. It turned out that DePape was just a nut. A Canadian illegally living in America who was deeply disturbed and mentally ill. Following DePape’s 2023 conviction in federal court, he was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. 


On Friday, a state court jury found DePape guilty of five state felony counts. Those felonies included: Aggravated kidnapping resulting in bodily harm or death, false imprisonment of an elder or dependent adult, threatening family of public officials, first-degree residential burglary, and preventing or dissuading a witness by force or threat. After sentencing, DePape will first serve the majority of the 360 months in federal prison. Thereafter he will be remanded to state custody to serve what will likely be the remainder of his life behind bars. 

I’m not suggesting the DePape shouldn’t serve years in prison, but Pelosi didn’t suffer life-changing injuries. The physical damage was severe, but Pelosi recovered and was able to testify. DePape will spend the rest of his life in prison because he clubbed the husband of Nancy Pelosi. 

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell covered the conviction and sentencing and pointed out the elephant in the room. DePape was treated with due severity, but in other jurisdictions, criminals committing heinous felonies are treated quite differently. She wrote

I cannot help but think about the other victims of crime in California who are not only still awaiting justice, but still suffering the aftereffects from their attackers or grieving over the unconscionable loss of a loved one. District attorneys like Alameda County's Pamela Price and Los Angeles County's George Gascón have made a cottage industry out of soft sentences for violent felons and repeat offenders. The majority of crime victims have neither the name recognition nor the resources of the Pelosis, so our two-tiered justice system is glaringly obvious here.  Ivan Gallegos, 19, was freed after two days in custody after Los Angeles police say he and two others confronted Xavier Cerf, 27, as he was breaking into a car, and Gallegos pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed him earlier this week.


A USC honors student named Ivan Gallegos was arrested for murder when he confronted a homeless man breaking into a car. Fearing an "imminent threat" when the suspect appeared to reach for a gun, Gallegos defended himself with a knife, and the man ended up dead. After intensive public blowback, Soros-backed LA County District Attorney George Gascón declined to press charges -- but the fact that Gallegos was arrested in the first place was absurd

“After careful consideration and a thorough review of all available evidence, we have decided not to pursue charges against ... Gallegos. We believe that Mr. Gallegos’s actions were driven by a genuine fear for his life and the lives of others,” Dist. Atty. George Gascon said in a statement. “Our heart goes out to the deceased’s family, friends and everyone impacted by this tragic incident.”

At the end of April, Hamas supporters at Columbia stormed Hamilton Hall and destroyed property. Students, outside paid agitators, and some faculty not only destroyed property but had to be arrested by the NYPD. A janitor was caught up in the chaos and was not allowed to leave by the mob. They held him against his will. That is the very definition of kidnapping. But Bragg dismissed charges against the majority of those arrested inside Hamilton Hall

“This is turnstile justice,” said Michael Nussbaum, a 25-year member of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. 

“This a green light for chaos, a green light for destroying property.” 

The Assistant DA who was following Bragg’s directions claimed that “moving forward” with the charges would be impossible because of the “limited” video surveillance. That’s not remotely true. The group’s action was a coordinated effort, and the group was arrested en masse inside the building. Bragg could have brought conspiracy charges against all of them, and he could have brought trespassing charges against all those agitators and pressured the “lower fruit” to turn on others, but he didn’t do any of that. If a nonviolent occupation was committed by Christians at an Abortion mill, they would never again see the light of day. 


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Justice, it seems, depends on the jurisdiction.



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