Last Word on Jason Aldean's 'Not in My Small Town' Fake Controversy—the Left Resorts to Threats of Violence

How Jason Aldean became the left’s new voodoo doll is a bit of a mystery to me. Sure, I understand that leftists invent outrage out of whole cloth, but this one just seems even more contrived than usual.


Aldean released his song in May. The month of May passed, and not a peep from the perpetually offended. Another two months passed before his label released the video, and then the left unleashed the Kraken. But it wasn’t the video that offended the left—they focused their ire on the lyrics. If that seems incongruous, you would be right. If the words were offensive and scare-wordy “racist,” why didn’t they seize and pounce on them when the song was first put out? Because there is nothing offensive or racist about the lyrics. Anyone with two snapping synapses knows that there is no mention of any race. The song speaks to middle America and resonates with those who grew up outside the beltway, outside of Long Island, Fire Island, or Cape Cod. It speaks to the majority of Americans that would not cotton to violence on Main Street. It speaks to those in America who are unwilling to surrender to mobs, unwilling to back down to mindless violence. Sure, it is about “small town” people, but it also speaks to those of us who once lived in a small town and now live close to the urban blight of a big city.

Leftists control most of the media, and like clockwork, they sent the attack dogs. The Usual Suspects.

Let’s be frank. Mocking “The View’s” hosts isn’t heavy lifting. A day doesn’t go by without a “The View” host making a fool of themselves, and with the Aldean fake controversy, Sunny Hostin stepped on a giant rake. Hostin is a New York native. She has spent no time in middle America (sorry, going to law school at Notre Dame doesn’t count as middle America). She was born and raised in the shadow of New York City and went to a private, all-girls high school. Then she went to college in New York and got her JD at Notre Dame. Yet she lectures Georgians like she grew up in Jim Crow Jackson, Mississippi, and marched with MLK.


And then there was blowback from other artists. Has-been Sheryl Crow jumped into the mosh pit to lecture Aldean. Crow, whose claim to fame was one song of note, and was the girlfriend of sports’ all-time fraud, Lance Armstrong, wants to lecture Aldean on social ethics. Yeah, Sheryl, sit this one out.

Today, I read about a country singer named Jason Isbell railing on Aldean and his song. Isbell is a self-admitted leftist. In short, he wants your guns and thinks abortion on demand is totes ok. I had no idea who he was. Not a clue. I looked him up, so I know he wants your guns. I listened to his music. Admittedly, I like his voice. But I just don’t like his songs or his lyrics. Listening to Isbell is kinda like listening to The Rolling Stones. You like the melody until you read/listen to the lyrics, and then you think: “Wow, that is dark… super dark.”

In one song, he sings:

You thought God was an architect,

Now you know he’s something

Like a pipe bomb ready to blow

In another song, he offers:

There’s one thing that real clear to me

No one dies with dignity

We just try to ignore the elephant somehow

We just try to ignore the elephant somehow

We just try to ignore the elephant somehow


Oh, ok, Jason. Jason Isbell doesn’t remember his 20s. He was coked up and drunk throughout those years and admitted to it. Good for him for getting sober, but I really don’t want to listen to his relentless angst — in every song. I’d rather listen to Zack Brown or Aldean or Carrie Underwood, thank you.

Isbell was critical of Aldean and, like most card-carrying leftists, instead of picking up a phone or talking to Aldean in person, Isbell took the coward route and tweeted his displeasure (and taunt) about Aldean’s songwriting. My guess is Isbell never listened to Aldean’s song.

Before Thursday, I had never heard of Jason Isbell. I had heard of Jake Owen. Owen responded to Isbell’s mocking of Aldean, and oh boy, that, as they say, things escalated quickly.

Owen was clearly suggesting that if Isbell had a beef with Aldean or his song, maybe “be a man” and talk to him face to face. Talk to him, like adults are supposed to do. It wasn’t a threat, it was a “step up and be a man” suggestion. But like the left’s conflation of Aldean’s song, Isbell and his meathead fans took it as a threat. A challenge. English is hard sometimes. Only a meathead would misread what Owen meant, but Isbell has plenty of meathead fans, and they did. One is a professional Canadian wrestler named Eric Young, aka Jeremy Fritz, aka “Showtime.” Showtime decided to ‘roid up the conversation. Showtime decided he had to defend Isbell with a threat.


Oh, ok, Showtime. Ok, Isbell. This is what the left does. They conflate. They threaten. Showtime decided that because he liked Isbell’s “angsty” music, he would step in for Isbell and take on all comers for a fight no one was asking for. Hey Showtime, no one wants to fake-fight you or anyone else. All Owen suggested was that Isbell back up his own shade and do it in person. “Showtimes” are all the same. They love to threaten people with violence because talking and defending a position is hard work. It involves intellectual rigor, and that isn’t their strong suit.

 Isbell’s response was predictable. He was willing for a bully meathead to defend him.

The bottom line, Aldean has nothing to defend. Isbell clearly is an intellectual coward, unwilling to back up his rhetoric. Aldean has done the right thing. He’s told all the leftists to pound sand. Once the left realizes that they don’t have a soft target and Aldean won’t apologize, it will move on to some new fake outrage.

But at least Isbell has a third-rate wrestler in his corner who will fight imaginary dragons.

By the way, I haven’t listened to Aldean’s song, but I bought it. It isn’t hard to find. It is #1 on Apple iTunes. If the left thinks they are winning, all they need do is make us mad.


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