The Man Who Would Be King, Tony Fauci, Hired by Georgetown to Lecture on Health and 'Public Policy'

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If you are old enough, you remember the early days of AIDS/HIV. On a personal level, I thought the chances of it affecting me were close to zero – like the same odds of me pitching for the LA Dodgers. But I was still interested. I recall that public health officials were telling America all sorts of things – principally that there was a real chance of infection from physical contact. Yeah, I don’t mean… that I mean like touching a glass someone else held that day. We were told in the early days of AIDS/HIV that touching things handled by an infected person could result in a death sentence. Who was responsible for that garbage public health warning? Anthony Fauci. Barely three years into public health policy-making as head of NIAID, Fauci was already intoxicated with the Fauci. He couldn’t resist putting his face in front of a camera.


In the early 1980s, Americans were looking for answers, and Fauci had them. His answers were wrong, but he had answers.

In 1983 Anthony Fauci told America that children could get AIDS just by “normal interpersonal” contact.

That turned out to be a complete fabrication, but Fauci was launched into the public forum as an authoritative, expert voice. Fauci, drunk on his self-aggrandizement, gave interview after interview. How did one book this federal government employee for an interview? Not through his secretary or an assistant – nope, 40 years ago, Tony Fauci had a public relations liaison to handle his public appearances. In short, Tony Fauci would refer you to his “people” before you could book his appearance.

The HIV epidemic vaulted Fauci into stardom. And Tony Fauci liked it. A lot. Depending on the interview from the 80s, Fauci either spoke in mild midwestern or his well-known New Yorker accent. Apparently, it depended on who he thought was watching.

Besides getting a fundamental infection vector wrong, Fauci made it clear that he wanted the focus for controlling HIV to be a vaccine in lieu of therapeutics. Again, Tony Fauci was wrong. Reagan was blamed for the perceived missteps, but who was responsible? Tony Fauci.


Now, hop into Dr. Brown’s DeLorean and fly with Marty McFly to 2019. Tony Fauci is standing on the podium with President Trump. He’s asked to step up and talk about the COVID pandemic. The now gray-haired Tony Fauci steps up and delivers more public health policy nonsense like repeating the oft-cited nonsense about 6 feet of distance, wearing masks, and washing your hands claiming, all those things will gird you against the virus. It was all nonsense.

But Tony Fauci had his acolytes — millions, in fact. I have written before of a dear friend who had a Christmas ornament of Tony Fauci — like Saint Tony was a deity or demigod.

Where, now, is the man who would be king? Tony is retired, collecting an enormous pension, but he didn’t disappear like Robert Mueller. No, Tony has only gone away for moments. He is the public health phoenix – now reappearing as a scholar teaching public health policy at Georgetown University.

Fauci, 82, will teach medicine and public policy as a “distinguished university professor,” a title that recognizes “extraordinary achievement in scholarship, teaching, and service,” Georgetown said in a statement released Monday.

I don’t know about you, but this is like The Food Channel announcing that it hired Hannibal Lecter for a new show called “Combining Meat with a Nice Glass of Chianti.”


Yuck. I want this Pox on America to go away, but like a rash, he just keeps coming back



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