Watch: Graduating Brat Violently Rips Mic From College Admin's Hand and Announces 'Today Is All About Me!'

Brats and college seem to go hand in glove.

Graduating from an institution of “higher education” used to mean something. Then Harvard admitted David Hogg. Before that, Yale became a beacon of objective stupidity when students went bonkers over an email about Halloween costumes. A faculty member wrote a very measured email about Halloween costumes and invited debate and discussion. Instead, the mob lit torches and demanded heads. Students demand resignations over the anodyne email. They didn’t discuss anything; they demanded scalps. With the speed of light, students signed a petition that was slanderous and utterly devoid of reason, logic, or fact.


In the open letter, the author claimed that Halloween costumes would invalidate them. It said, in part: “We simply ask that our existences not be invalidated on campus.”

Then there were rumors that black Yalies were being denied admittance to an SAE party based on their race. Blacks were excluded. Whites only. The claim, never validated, was absurd on its face. But Yalies protested. After an exhaustive investigation, Yale concluded that there was no racist exclusion.

When administrators tried to speak to the mob, the mob spat on faculty and spat on fellow students whom the mob considered “traitors.” A mob always needs a good chant. They bellowed: “Genocide is not a joke.”

It would have been fodder for a bad SNL skit or a Seinfeld episode. But it wasn’t. It was real and perpetrated by “Ivy Leaguers.” It was further evidence of “catastrophizing.” Students now see everything as a catastrophe – a cacophony of disasters that cannot be tolerated. Usually, they organize into spitting mobs or groups of mini-terrorist to lash out, often with violence. The nonsense on campus usually stops when summer break takes hold, and students leave either for a three-month vacation or forever when they graduate.

May and June are the months when the folding chairs adorn grass across the fruited plain and students graduate. Often (too often), those graduates are walking away with a mountain of debt and worthless degrees. Almost always, graduation is a celebration with speeches no one remembers. Some antics are expected. An occasional graduate will whoop it up on stage but usually in a tolerable manner. Lately, we witness, all too often, brats that only see themselves and demand that everything be about them — and only them.


A recent viral video evidenced another super-brat. An uncontrollable jerk who, apparently, graduated from some sort of school. Instead of graduating with debt and a useless degree in interpretive dance and quietly walking away, a woman apparently named “Kadia” decided to violently rip the microphone from an administrator and announced that the day was all about her. After making an ass of herself, she threw the microphone on the ground and stormed off.

Here is the video

You may notice that a cop is standing in the background. He made no attempt to stop the petulant grandstander.

I took a few minutes in an attempt to find out who this brat was, where she graduated from, and in what – but I couldn’t nail down anything other than she likely worked in retail and thinks the world owes her attention. The link to her TikTok is here (if you have the patience). From the looks of her social media, she has no marketable skills, and her super-brat moment will be both the zenith and nadir of her life. The viral video has over 18 million views.

I found her profile (I think) on LinkedIn, and she has no more credentials or gravitas than a night-shifter at Mcdonald’s. She doesn’t list job skills, experience, or any work experience other than she maybe worked in retail. What she doesn’t have is any semblance of shame or honor. In one Instagram post, she wrote of critics:


When y’all try to funny in my comments but your mother used to gargle mad (emoji for male anatomy) just so you could afford to eat.


By next year, when her interpretive dance degree has earned no job offers, she can look back at her moment in the sun in June 2023, when 18 million people saw her make an ass of herself. Congrats, Kadia. You had your 15 seconds. It will be over by the weekend.

Was it worth it?



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