Monday Cartoon: Biden Flies 4,000 Miles From East Palestine to Hug Zelenskyy

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

President Pudding Brain has his priorities, and it’s not our own border or places like East Palestine. One thing I want to reinforce – Biden’s trip to visit and hug Zalenskyy was performance art. Some leg humpers in the media were aglow with praise for Biden’s bravery. There was not a shred of danger for Air Force One’s passenger-in-chief. Putin is a nut, but he’s not stupid or suicidal. If Putin had threatened Air Force One or tried to shoot it down, that would have been an act of war, invoking NATO’s Article 5.


Nope. Biden was in more danger walking up the ramp of Air Force One than flying into Ukraine. Hey Joe – you gonna visit East Palestine?



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